Pfitz Marathon Training Plans Explained: Everything You Need to Know

A group of runners in a marathon. Here's what you need to know to follow a Pfitz marathon training plan.

Pfitz marathon training plans are a popular option among serious runners. They are challenging, and they’ll help you get to the next level. But they’re also scaled to various levels. So you can pick a plan that matches up with your current level of experience. The plans are not a good choice for beginners. But … Read more

Pros and Cons of an 80/20 Marathon Training Plan by Matt Fitzgerald

A woman training for a marathon using an 80-20 training plan.

So you’re looking to take your training to the next level and hit a new PR in the marathon distance? That means it’s time to find a proper marathon training plan. There are tons of options out there, and it can be confusing to figure out which one to use. Based on your circumstances, you … Read more

Pros and Cons of a Hal Higdon Marathon Training Plan

So you’ve been bitten by the bug, and you’re thinking about running a marathon, huh? 26.2 miles is a long way. You’re going to need to commit some serious time to training for that, and you should definitely follow some expert advice on how to structure that training. Luckily, there are plenty of marathon training … Read more

Pros and Cons of the Grete Waitz Marathon Training Plan

A woman out for a jog, training to run her first marathon.

Whether you’re running your first marathon or looking to improve over your last one, it usually helps to follow a training plan of some kind. But there are tons of training plans out there, and they vary wildly in quality. Which one should you choose? Today, I’m going to look at the marathon training plan … Read more

Is a Pete Pfitz or Jack Daniels Marathon Plan Harder?

Two people lined up for a race. Let's compare marathon training plans.

If you are looking for an advanced marathon training plan, Pfitz and Jack Daniels are two of the most popular options. They are often recommended to runners asking questions at /r/AdvancedRunning. Runners tend to find their way into one camp or the other. As a result, many runners lack a full understanding of the other … Read more

Pfitzinger Marathon Plan: Pros and Cons of Pete’s Approach

A woman running a marathon after using a Pfitzinger marathon plan.

Are you looking for a training schedule to get you through 26.2 miles and hit a new PR? Well here’s an overview of a great choice – the Pete Pfitzinger marathon plan. Pfitz – also known as Uncle Pete – is an accomplished distance runner. He studied exercise science and wrote several books about training. … Read more