Where Should You Run? Planning Running Routes for Marathon Training

One of my favorite running routes at the Orange Reservoir. Planning running routes is an important part of marathon training.

Before you get started with marathon training, there’s a simple but important question that you should ask yourself: where should you run? It almost seems silly. I mean, you can run anywhere, right? Well, you can. But it helps to put some thought into planning your regular routes. The choices that you make about where … Read more

How Much Time Does Marathon Training Take? Will It Take Over My Life?

A woman running. She probably spends six to eight hours a week training for a marathon.

A common question among would be marathoners is: How much time does marathon training take? Before taking the plunge, casual runners may look at experienced marathoners and think, “Gee, they spend all their time training! I can’t do that!” True, marathon training is a commitment. Success relies on consistency, and that may mean making some … Read more

When Can I Run After a Marathon – How Much Recovery Time Do You Need?

A woman sitting by the water with a drink and her running shoes off, wondering "When can I run after a marathon?"

I saw a post on r/AdvancedRunning recently, in which the OP asked, essentially, “When can I run after a marathon?” It’s a common question. Any race requires some recovery – and a marathon is a race unlike any other (except of course the even more demanding ultra-marathons). Perhaps because of the daunting nature of the … Read more