Race Report: A Cold, Windy Morning at the Philly Marathon

Race Report from the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon.

My goal race this fall was the Philly Marathon. It was a frigid, windy morning. But it was a great race nonetheless. Here’s my race report. Training for the Philly Marathon I wrote an extensive post about my training for this marathon here. But here’s the short version. I followed Jack Daniels 2Q, peaking at … Read more

Jack Daniels Marathon Training Plan: Pros and Cons of the 2Q Plan

Man finishes a marathon after using the 2Q Jack Daniels marathon training plan.

If you’re planning for your next marathon, you might want to consider a Jack Daniels marathon training plan. The 2Q plan is challenging yet flexible, and it could be the right choice to push you to a new PR. There are a bunch of marathon training plans out there in books and on the internet, … Read more