Reflections on How to Dress for Cold Weather Running

I’ve always been a fair weather runner. I usually started in the spring, got lazy in the summer, ran again in the fall, and then packed it up for the winter. This year, I decided to really commit to running – which meant learning how to dress for cold weather running. Although there were one […]

Why I Dropped my Gym Membership and Invested in a Home Gym

Throughout my life, I’ve had an on again off again relationship with gyms, just like I have with running. But two years ago, I decided to drop my gym membership for good and instead invest in a home gym. As a senior in high school, I was a member at a local gym. My best […]

How to Use a 5k Pace Chart to Plan Your Next Race Strategy

Running a solid 5k race depends on your ability to pace yourself well over the course of 3.1 miles. To help you do that, I’ve created the 5k pace chart that you see below. Finding the right 5k pace can be tricky. You need to run fast, but you also need to be able to […]

The Rahway Trail at South Mountain Reservation

The South Mountain Reservation is home to a complex network of trails, including the Rahway Trail. The Rahway trail is a 2.5 mile point to point trail in the southern half of the South Mountain Reservation. It’s a moderately difficult trail, with some small rolling hills. It tracks along the Rahway River for a scenic […]

How Much Should I Run? A Quick Guide to Miles Per Week

A runner’s commitment is measured in miles – or kilometers – and if you listen to enough people talk about running, you’ll inevitably wonder to yourself, “How much should I run?” There isn’t one simple answer to that. How much you should run is going to depend on your goals. So first, think about what […]

Reflections on a Week of Running On an Empty Stomach

One of the most frequently asked questions about running is – Can I run on an empty stomach? Or should I eat something before I run? To which I always answer, “Yes,” and “No, unless you want to.” There’s plenty of valid, scientific reasons for this. Your body has plenty of fuel in the form […]

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