2023 Black Friday Deals on Garmin Watches

It’s (almost) Black Friday, and that means one thing – sales.

Well, it might also mean recovering from your turkey trot. I’m running an 8k on Thursday, so I’ll probably be taking it easy on Friday.

But back to the point, this Black Friday you can find some great discounts on Garmin watches. And as luck would have it, Black Friday comes early on the internet and these sales are already active on Amazon.

Unless there’s a new release, it’s not all that common for Garmin to knock down the price of their devices so if you’ve been on the fence about buying a new watch – now is the time!

Here’s a quick rundown of the deals you can find on Amazon throughout the week. And if you’re unsure of which watch to get, check out this guide to the different options that are available.

The Best Garmin Deals on Amazon

Most Garmin running watches are 20-30% off. For newer watches, like the Fenix Pro’s, this is definitely the best price you’ll see in a while.

Garmin Forerunners on Sale

The latest Garmin Forerunner, the 965, isn’t currently on sale. But the next best thing is the Garmin Forerunner 955. It retails for $499.99, and you can currently get one on Amazon for $399.99.

For that price, you get almost all of the features of the Forerunner 965. You’re missing out on the AMOLED screen, but I prefer the MIP display anyway. This is cheaper than the mid-tier Forerunner 265, and it’s a great option for a full featured running watch.

If you want to go a little more old school, you can pick up a Garmin Forerunner 945 for $335. They retail for $499.99, although you can usually find them discounted down closer to $400. Still, the $335 is super cheap for this top tier watch. It’s two generations back, and it’s missing out on a couple new features, but it still works great.

At the mid-tier, the newest Garmin Forerunner 265 isn’t on sale. But the previous watch, the Garmin Forerunner 255 is. You can snag one for $100 off – $249.99 for the non-music version and $299.99 for the music version.

When I originally bought my Garmin Forerunner 245, it was in this price range. It annoyed me a bit that the mid-tier watches had increased in price to $350, $400, or $450. So this is a great opportunity to get a solid mid-tier watch for a good price.

Speaking of the 245, you can get a Garmin Forerunner 245 with music for $199.99. That’s dirt cheap for a music playing watch. It’s two generations old, and it’s missing a few of the newer features. But it will get the job done.

The barebones Forerunner – the Forerunner 55 – is marked down from $199.99 to $169.99. But if it’s in your budget, I’d move up to the 245 or the 255. There’s not much difference in price, and you will get some additional features.

Garmin Fenix Watches on Sale

Recently, I upgraded my Garmin Forerunner 245 to a Fenix 7S Pro. So what are the deals on the Fenix watches looking like?

The latest Fenix watch is the Fenix 7 Pro. It comes in three sizes, and you have a choice of sapphire glass or regular power glass. Retail, they range from $799.99 to $999.99, and they’re all $200 off.

You can also look at the slightly older Fenix 7 models. They are very similar to the Fenix 7 Pro’s, although they have an older heart rate monitor and they don’t have the flashlight. You can read more about the differences between them and the newer watches here.

The basic Garmin Fenix 7 – without sapphire glass or solar charging – is marked down to $449.99. That’s all the features of the top tier Forerunner and a premium body style, for less than the Forerunner 965.

The price of each type of Fenix will vary, depending on the size, the glass, and whether it’s solar charging. But it looks like they’re all $200 off.

Other Garmin Watches on Sale

The Forerunner and the Fenix are my favorite types of Garmin watches. But there are other options out there.

If you want an entry level watch that’s a little more rugged, check out the Instinct 2/2S. It’s marked down from $299.99 to $199.99, and it has most of the features found on the more expensive Garmin 255/265 (other than music). If you’re just looking for a running watch, this is a great choice.

If you want a high end watch with an AMOLED display, check out the Garmin epix Pro Gen 2. Like the Fenix 7 Pro, it comes in a variety of sizes (42mm, 47mm, and 51mm) and with the sapphire glass option. Retail, the cheapest option is $899.99 and the most expensive option is $1,099.99. They’re all $200 off. Personally, I prefer the Fenix – but if you want the AMOLED display this is the watch for you.

Need Help Deciding?

If you need some help deciding which watch to get, here are some articles I’ve written that make direction comparisons between different Garmin watches:

For several years, I had a Garmin Forerunner 245 – and I was happy with it. But I had considered upgrading it for a long time.

Over the summer, I got lucky with a deal on a Fenix 7S Pro Solar. I got it for $670, and I was ecstatic at the time. I never thought I’d see it this low – so to get one today for $599.99 would be a steal!

Again, if you’re on the fence, this is the time to take the plunge. You can take your pick of an entry level, mid tier, or high end watch and get a good deal on any of them.

Did you decide to upgrade? I’m curious to hear which one you picked – and why. Leave a comment below.

And happy trails!

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