Mini Race Report: Breaking 20 Minutes at the Running with the Devils 5k

Another week, another race. This one went pretty well. As with the past two weeks, I’ll just briefly recap my training for the week and then get into a quick race report. The Week Between Races At this point, I’m fully recovered from the Erie Marathon and enjoying some short races. Two weeks ago, I … Read more

Review of the 5k to 10k Training Plan in Jack Daniels Running Formula

If you’re training for a running event and looking for a good training plan, Jack Daniels’ Running Formula is usually a good place to look. The book includes a variety of plans for distances ranging from the mile up to the marathon. This particular review will focus on the 5k to 10k plan. I used … Read more

My Experience with Phase IV of Jack Daniels 5k-10k Plan

Using your GPS watch on a running track can be problematic - but not with Garmin track mode.

This spring, I’ve been training for a half marathon using the 5k-10k plan found in Jack Daniels’ book Running Formula. I’ve previously written about my experience in Phase II of the plan, as well as my experience with Phase III of the plan. My goal race is Sunday, and I’m through my last workout in … Read more

My Experience with Phase III of Jack Daniels 5k-10k Plan

I’m still working my way through my spring training block. I have two big races on my calendar. The first is a local 10k in early April and the second is a half marathon in Delaware towards the end of the month. I’ve been following the 60-70mpw 5k-10k plan in Jack Daniels’ Running Formula. I … Read more

My Experience with Phase II of Jack Daniels 5k-10k Plan

Training to Run a 5k or 10k Race on a Track

I’m currently in the middle of my spring training block. I’m targeting two key races – a large, local 10k at the beginning of April and a half marathon in Delaware towards the end of April. After my fall marathon, my goal was to work on my speed before returning to marathon training for another … Read more