My Experience with Phase III of Jack Daniels 5k-10k Plan

I’m still working my way through my spring training block. I have two big races on my calendar. The first is a local 10k in early April and the second is a half marathon in Delaware towards the end of the month. I’ve been following the 60-70mpw 5k-10k plan in Jack Daniels’ Running Formula. I … Read more

My Experience with Phase II of Jack Daniels 5k-10k Plan

Training to Run a 5k or 10k Race on a Track

I’m currently in the middle of my spring training block. I’m targeting two key races – a large, local 10k at the beginning of April and a half marathon in Delaware towards the end of April. After my fall marathon, my goal was to work on my speed before returning to marathon training for another … Read more

Wrapping Up My Half Marathon Training Block

For the past twelve weeks or so, I’ve been training for a half marathon. I initially planned on running an actual half marathon this Sunday in Atlantic City. However, I waited too long to register and it filled up. I also had an appointment to get the Moderna vaccine this week, and I didn’t want … Read more