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Pros and Cons of a Jack Daniels Half Marathon Training Plan

Jack Daniels is a legendary running coach, and many runners look to him for advice on how to train. Jack Daniels half marathon training plans are rigorous training schedules that will get you in peak shape to cover 13.1 miles. If you’re looking for a training plan to help you prepare for a half marathon, […]

Pros and Cons of the Pete Pfitzinger Half Marathon Training Plans

Looking for a training schedule to get you through 13.1 miles and hit a new PR? Here’s an overview of the Pete Pfitzinger half marathon training plans, along with some guidance on whether or not they’ll work for you. Pete is an accomplished distance runner who went on to study exercise science and write several […]

Pros and Cons of Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plans

Hal Higdon is a runner and a long-time writer for Runner’s World. He’s also written a lot of books about writing, and his half marathon training plans are very popular among beginners. If you’re looking for a training plan to help you prepare for a half marathon, keep reading. We’ll take a look at Hal’s […]

How to Avoid Cadence Lock: Using Garmin’s HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor

For a while now, I’ve used a Garmin Forerunner 245 to track my running. Overall, I’ve loved it – except for the occasional cadence lock. I couldn’t get reliable heart rate data until I started using a Garmin heart rate monitor with a chest strap. I originally received a Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor […]

How to Use a 5k Pace Chart to Plan Your Next Race Strategy

Running a solid 5k race depends on your ability to pace yourself well over the course of 3.1 miles. To help you do that, I’ve created the 5k pace chart that you see below. Finding the right 5k pace can be tricky. You need to run fast, but you also need to be able to […]

How Much Should I Run? A Quick Guide to Miles Per Week

A runner’s commitment is measured in miles – or kilometers – and if you listen to enough people talk about running, you’ll inevitably wonder to yourself, “How much should I run?” There isn’t one simple answer to that. How much you should run is going to depend on your goals. So first, think about what […]

How to Create a Custom Workout For Your Garmin Forerunner

A Garmin running watch is a great way to track your runs and provide data for you to analyze afterwards. One of their great features is the ability to easily program and track custom workouts like interval sessions. Once you program the workout, you press a few buttons on the watch to start it. Your […]

Garmin Body Battery: How Does It Work? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re comparing different Garmin watches and trying to choose the one that fits your needs, chances are you’ve heard about Garmin Body Battery Energy Monitor. It’s a new feature that’s been implemented on some of its newer model watches – like the the Garmin Vivoactive 4 and the Garmin Forerunner 255. It’s designed to […]

Running on an Empty Stomach: Is It a Good Idea or Bad?

Here’s a really common question among new runners: Is running on an empty stomach a good idea? The answer is going to vary a little depending on what your goals are in running. But generally speaking, it’s usually not a bad idea to run on an empty stomach, and quite often it can turn out […]

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